Thank you

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Minnesota Krampus, our entire Minnesota Krampus membership, and all of the children and adults who see us in public every winter learning about Saint Nikolaus and his Krampus, thank you so much for your tax-deductible donation to Minnesota Krampus, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (46-5686239).

It means the world to us that our donors, like you, gift the funds necessary to run our educational operations and I hope that we continue to earn your appreciation and to be considered for future donations should the ability and desire arise. As a 100% volunteer organization, please be aware that none of our funds are paid to our Board of Directors, our Krampus, or even St Nikolaus.

It is important to me that all of our literature, our events, and every interaction with children (from ages 2 to 92) are authentic to our Austrian heritage and enriching to the child regardless of their heritage. As I tell elementary children each year when we visit:

“There are many lessons that can be learned from St Nikolaus and his Krampus — but if you only remember one from today, let it be this one: Be a better person, everyday. Listen to your parents and teachers, be good to everyone around you (family, friends, and pets), and do your homework. If everyone does that, we will make our world better today than yesterday.

Note: If you have supplied your email in through the paypal link, you will recieve a thank you letter at the end of the calendar year for taxes. If you think that you should have gotten a letter but did not, please contact us.

Thank you, again, for your generosity.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

T. Schenk
Founder and President
Minnesota Krampus