About Us

Our Mission:

Minnesota Krampus was founded in 2014 to promote the culture and customs of the winter holiday traditions from the area around Salzburg, Austria through public performance, events, and literature. The organization aims to foster stronger relationships between members and their alpine heritage and provide academic scholarships to college students studying cultural and/or historical topics involving the Alps and its people.

To contribute to our mission:

Our Membership:

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Our Krampus and Hexen:

Our organization takes great pride in the time and research that we’ve put into acquiring the most authentic costumes and masks from the Salzburg area. We have completed several workshop visits over the years and are partnered with some of the most talented folk craftsmen available. Our goal is to ensure our costumes will always be 100% authentic:
— Our hand-carved wooden Krampus masks (and our Hexe (witch) mask) come from the Pongau region of Salzburg state, Austria,
— Our full body hair suits come from the Pinzgau region of Salzburg, and
— Our new “Pig’s Eye” Boar mask (scheduled to arrive in Minnesota late summer 2015) comes from a remote village of Berchlesgadenerland (Bavaria, Germany) near the border of Salzburg, Austria.

Our St Nikolaus and Helpers (Farm-hand and basket carrier):

Much like our Krampus and Hexen, we take careful consideration in presenting our beloved St Nikolaus and his helpers with the highest level of detail. Our elaborate costuming aims to promote their significance to the season as the eternal symbol of goodness and hope.