Minnesota Krampus is a non-political 501c3 educational non-profit operating in Minnesota.

Our 501c3 nonprofit organization is 100% volunteer run and has no staff/employees. Our operations are completed by our volunteer members.  Memberships are subject to an application process with approval by the Board of Directors and payment of annual dues (2022-2023: $20 per year, September through August).

Article II Section 1 – Eligibility for membership: Application for voting membership shall be open to any person, age of majority as defined by Minnesota State Statute 645.451, who supports the purpose statement in Article I, Section 2. Membership is granted after: (1) completion of a membership application, (2) payment of annual dues, and (3) a majority vote of the board at the next meeting following receipt of application and payment of dues.

With members in multiple U.S. states and Europe, we encourage meeting participation through the use of phone and video conferencing.   Note: Participation at membership meetings and events is not required for membership but is strongly encouraged. 

Applications are available upon request of an email to