A traditional Krampus organization.

Minnesota Krampus


How to support Minnesota Krampus?

Here are a list of suggested ways -- starting with the easiest:


*USA Amazon Affiliate Link:

*Canada Amazon Affiliate Link:

*UK Amazon Affiliate Link:

*Smile.Amazon.com - select Minnesota Krampus as your charity of choice



Purchases made at Minnesota Krampus Online Store: Minnesota Krampus Store


Making a Tax-deductible donation to Minnesota Krampus (email us at minnesotakrampus@gmail.com)


Become an active member of Minnesota Krampus (more information: Minnesota Krampus Membership




* Please note: using the affiliate link or smile.amazon.com will not increase the cost of amazon products that you purchase, it allows Amazon to donate funds to charities like ours.  Purchases made through these programs are not trackable to any individual.