A traditional Krampus organization.

Minnesota Krampus


Are you interested in Krampus but not German-American or Austro-American?
No problem!

Don't want to be a Krampus but still want to participate with Minnesota Krampus?
No problem!

Are you worried about making a huge time commitment?
No problem!


First and foremost, Minnesota Krampus welcomes all new members who are interested in preserving and promoting the customs and traditions of the alpine people.  With that said: we're a volunteer organization and understand that life can get busy -- we hope that our members obligate themselves only as much as they can.  We have near monthly membership meetings to get together and discuss events, and events (mainly during the winter months but are open to events throughout the year), and we encourage prospective members to contact us about an upcoming meeting or event to see firsthand what we're all about.


Second, our membership ranks include all characters (i.e. St Nik, farmhand, Krampus, witches) and supporting members that we need to operate safely in our costumes.  All membership applications will be reviewed for approval by the Board of Directors and annual dues for 2015-2016 are currently set at $20 per member.  Membership dues offset operational costs of the organization and generous donations to our organization allow us to offer academic scholarships to students interesting in studying the culture and/or the history of the Alps and its people.

More information on upcoming academic scholarships can be found on our Scholarships tab.



Questions, comments, and membership applications requests can be sent to our mailbox at: minnesotakrampus@gmail.com